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We help employers meet their talent acquisition and development needs so that every individual
in the organization experiences meaningful employment.

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Virtual Career Fair Partnership

Today, we recognize the importance of communicating your employer brand to Millennials and Generation Z employees. Employer brand affects recruitment of new employees, retention and engagement of current employees, and the overall perception of the organization in the market. Get us to organize specialized virtual career fairs for your company to achieve this.

Group Coaching Workshops

At Metamorphosis Group, we are happy to provide group coaching workshops beyond the 1-on-1s. Whether it is for employee engagement, team building, or for whatever purpose, we can design a group coaching workshop for whatever needs your organization has.

Labor Market Intelligence Services

With our expertise in social listening and empathizing with the labor market, we can provide solutions for your labor market intelligence (LMI) needs such as helping you conduct a research as well as making sense of your current data about the job market.

Outsourced Career Development Office

Does your school or organization need an outsourced career development office for your members? If you have the vision but don't have the resources or technology to hire for an entire career coaching team, avail of white-labeled online platform at no cost for the basic plan!